The Phoenix
My current at-home project and the future shop mascot, The Phoenix is being done in a reverse appliqué
technique from the pattern "Phoenix" by Three Swans Studios.  I'll be posting pictures at various stages in
the construction process.  Be forewarned:  I am NOT an appliquér!
6/15/07 - In order to do the reverse appliqué, the pattern first has to be traced, life-sized, onto freezer
paper.  The paper is then ironed onto the black fabric that will eventually become the leading lines.
So far, so good!
7/8/07 - Here's The Phoenix with most of the sky completed.  The reverse shot shows how multiple
sections can be done together from the same piece of fabric.  All the batiks I'll be using are from Hoffman -
solids and mottled.
7/12/07 - I've now begun The Phoenix's body.  I plan to work from the center out, as well as down.  Are
you wondering what's with all the pins?  Well, the freezer paper won't stay put.  As soon as I move the
project, the paper comes off.  I think the sizing in the black fabric is preventing the freezer paper from
staying put.  Anyway, after ironing it back on three or four times, I gave up and started using straight
pins.  They fall out pretty easily, and I have to admit that I've hurt myself far too many times!
7/20 - The second row of feathers have been added to The Phoenix, as well as the orange crest.  One
more row of wing feathers to go, and I'll be about half way through the project.
7/31 - Slowly, but surely, The Phoenix is progressing.  I'm about at the halfway point - most of the wing
feathers are done, and I should be able to start on the flames soon.
9/2 - Finally!  My daughter is married and I can find some time for the Phoenix.  All the body pieces are
completed, and I've started adding the sky pieces just above the flames.  I think the pace will pick up now
that all the tiny areas are cut and stitched.
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1/2 - OMG!  What happened, and where did the last three months go?  Did I really think the pace would
pick up?  Wrong again.  Anyway, I've begun adding the flames, and it's really brightening things up.  I plan
on using four different reds and yellows for the flames, so stay tuned.  But don't hold your breath...
1/29 - Progress!  I've done another seven parts of the fire, and most of the openings have been cut out.  It
won't be long until I'm wondering how in the world I'm going to quilt this thing.
2/25 - Today is a milestone!  I've FINALLY finished the reverse appliqué part of the Phoenix.  For the
next step, I'll be adding a few borders to frame the whole thing - most likely batiks and more black.  I've
been scrounging the magazines for quilting ideas.  Because I love heavily quilted designs, I've decided on
filling the individual 'pieces' of 'glass' with an echo-type of fill that will minimize marking.
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