Oilcloth For Your Home

When you want an attractive, easy to clean, and affordable way to bring a bit of beauty to your kitchen or dining area, a table oilcloth can be an excellent solution. This simple table cover offers a number of advantages, including an excellent way to protect your table, yet it is able to still provide a touch of style.

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Many Design Options

oilcloth is available in a huge selection of design options. Whether you're looking for a specific colour or you're interested in something with flowers, birds, or even a unique pattern, there's a table oilcloth that will be able to meet your design needs. In fact, with so many different colours and designs available, it's easy to keep several of these table covers on hand so that you can change the look of your kitchen or dining area whenever you choose. It's easy to change your table cover to match the various seasons or choose a beautiful holiday oilcloth to give your home that special touch during family gatherings.

Oilcloth Provides an Easy to Care for Table Cover

While having a variety of design options is certainly nice, a table cover that is easy to clean can be a huge time saver. Whether it's spilt milk or messy kids, oilcloth provides an easy to care for cover for your table. Simply wipe the oilcloth clean and it will look as good as new. Additionally, oilcloth is resistant to stains, so even your toddler's spaghetti mess will wipe up easily without leaving any evidence. Of course, because oilcloth is impervious to moisture, damp glasses or drinks with condensation will never leave an unsightly ring on your table.

Protect Table from Damage

One type of damage that many people don't give much consideration to is that daily wear and tear of buttons, zips, and household items that create scuff marks and scratches on the surface of your table. A table should be a place where your family can gather for a meal as well as serve as a hub for daily life. School lunches, social gatherings, and even school projects are perfectly suited for the family table; however, without a cover, you risk damaging your table top. Fortunately, an oilcloth table cover can protect from this daily wear and tear. An oilcloth table cover will typically have a soft cotton backing, ensuring it sits nicely on your table and the decorative top of your table cover will look great while providing a waterproof barrier for superior table protection.

Plenty of Flexibility

It's not just the multiple patterns and colours that make oilcloth a remarkably flexible option for today's homes, but the fact that it is available in just about any size you can imagine ensures you are able to get a cover that's just right for your table. In fact, some companies even offer oilcloth by the length so you can purchase just what you need while others offer options for ordering custom table covers for even hard to fit tables.